Friday, March 27, 2015

HOPE - Higher Order Programming Environment

So, this is a very interesting concept by Marc Clifton whom I found on the He is one of the senior members there and had been contributing to the site from a long time. I recently saw his article HOPE - Higher Order Programming EnvironmentProgramming Environment. Follow is an animation from this environment.

Also, a video demonstration can be found here on the YouTube.

Overall a very interesting concept. Kind of life the ideas of Alan Kay regarding object-oriented programming. So I look forward to studying, understanding and working with the HOPE concept in the future.


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Digital Tutors: Design and implement an effective SALES-TARGETED EMAIL

A very nice web design course by Andy Mitchell on, who is an interactive designer. I have added this course and found it very help in understanding how to create a responsive email template for desktop and mobile.


Friday, March 20, 2015

Smalltalk Programming Tools

Smalltalk is a pure object-oriented programming language that introduced ideas of object-oriented programming that were later implemented in languages like Objective-C, C++, Java, Ruby, Python, C#, VB and JavaScript. Although, it is very well-known and popular language, it is bit difficult to get started with it and finding proper tools for using it.

I am writing this post so it is easy for newcomers to find Smalltalk related resources so they can easily download an IDE and get started.

Squeak Smalltalk

The Squeak programming language is a dialect of Smalltalk. It is object-oriented, class-based and reflective.



Pharo is a pure object-oriented programming language and a powerful environment, focused on simplicity and immediate feedback (think IDE and OS rolled into one).

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Transparent, Click-Through Forms -

This an interesting article by Dave Kreskowiak at while I was searching for a solution for making topmost form that stays on the desktop even if user click's on show desktop button. I was searching for a solution that would allow placing windows on desktop just like gadgets in Windows 7. There was no easy solution, but this article showed some hope and gave me the nearest solution to what I am looking for.

It is easy to make a topmost form in .NET using WinForms because there is a handy Form property called TopMost. Once set to True it makes the form top most. It stays on top of other windows and even stays on it's place even if show desktop button is clicked.

What I am looking for is something similar. But this form must live on the desktop and not minimize when show desktop button is pressed. Still looking for some simple and elegant solution for this :)

The article:

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